evoke the patina of time

Kate and Tim

are fortunate to live and work on the North Shore of Massachusetts, within walking distance of the rocky coast.



grew up and later returned to Marblehead, after soaking up inspiration in places like Santa Fe and the Netherlands.



was pulled to Swampscott from the Midwest, following long stints in cultural hubs San Francisco and New York.  With the North Shore as their launching pad, the duo often head north to Maine, whose raw natural beauty provides endless inspiration for their pieces.

digs studio grew out of a shared obsession with enamel-- from vintage tableware to graphic mid-century jewelry.  In 2014, friends and business partners Kate Luchini and Tim Hansen embarked on a journey to renew the craft, updating and elevating enamels by putting their own spin on tradition.  The resulting digs’ pieces are sculptural, with forms drawn from nature and finishes that evoke the patina of time.

As digs evolves, Kate and Tim have also embraced woodblock printing to further explore the alluring contrasts of rugged and refined, natural and graphic that define their work.